This I Believe

I believe that every day is a new opportunity to choose love over fear. I think I learned that from Oprah. I also believe that creativity is necessary for the care and nourishment of the human soul. I learned that the hard and honest way, from a lifetime of struggle to find my way in the world.

I have evidence of that struggle scattered around across the Internet. I started my first blog in 2005, and since then I’ve had some commitment issues with individual blogging but not with the act of blogging itself. I am hooked, and I believe that the blog is one of the best ways to think through ideas and to process through issues. It also works well as a record of my own learning process and as a repository for the artifacts of that process.

I believe that writers ought to write every day, and I have used the blog to discipline myself into practicing what I preach. I do not always live up to my own expectations. I am just a sinner, but I am also a believer. Success is nothing more than daily effort paying off over time.

I am setting this site up to be a kind of hub for all of my other online activity. You will find my blogging elsewhere, and you will find me posting photographs, and working on book projects elsewhere, but this is my home site. This is where visitors can find out where else I’ve been and what I have been up to.

I believe that every day bring a new opportunity to choose love over fear and that to love anyone we first have to learn to love ourselves. Not a goes by in which I do not second guess myself or blame myself or beat myself up in some way. The struggle is where the beauty is, though, and the beauty is what gives our lives meaning.

Join me in my own journey to find beauty and meaning in life…if you please. Follow my trail from here.