In no certain order…

Writerly Haphazardry–This is my main personal blog. I write about anything and everything at WH.

Dare to Have Written–DTHW is a project site that I created as a place to write about writing for my writing students and for anyone else who might be interested.

Teacherly Tech–This is written for an audience of teachers. As the title implies, it’s about the use of technology in education. I’ve let this one lapse for a few years, but I have excellent intentions to get right back to it any day now.

Pandemic and Paranoia–This is a collaborative blog site devoted to creating course materials related to the theme of “plagues real and imagined.” Zombies, Ebola, Spanish Flu, Witch Hunts…my co-bloggers and I will get around to just about every variation of this theme in due time.

Happensnap–This is my photography blog. I let it lapse as well, but I have plans to delete everything off of it and start over with a new portfolio of photographs starting in January 2015.

Trailing Eudora–This a project site that I created several years ago and haven’t done much with yet, but I always intend to, and isn’t it the thought that counts? It is basically a fan blog devoted to Eudora Welty. To see another fan blog devoted to Eudora Welty that I created as an earlier project, see A Welty a Day.




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